GTI offers a one-stop engineering and manufacturing service to customers. Metal fabrication, line boring, equipment repairs, plate processing and spare parts production are all performed within our in-house workshops, maximising cost effectiveness. we have of highly trained to Australian standards team mechanic, welders, and electricians to manufacture to customer specifications and deliver tailor-made options to suit your requirements. We also have the flexibility to deliver one-off specialised products or large quantities.

Steel fabrication is essential for a wide range of jobs. Whether your need is big or small, we can provide you with the quality you need.

Our fabrication work is often used in many industries including: General industry, mining, mineral processing, construction, petrochemical and bulk materials handling.

Our job is to provide our clients with Quality steel fabricated products for their specific projects. We do this by first studying your engineering drawings and compiling a list of materials and processes that will be necessary to complete the job. We then plan how to process, fabricate,weld and finish the steel in the most effective way. Last of all, we can supply a full protective coating system to meet your needs and provide a workshop to site delivery to any where in Mongolia.

We also have many years of experience in producing mechanical equipment such as screw conveyors, bucket elevators,belt conveying equipment and components for the Bulk materials handling industry.

Our steel fabrication work is essential to many businesses, including general industry,mining, mineral processing and construction companies.

General & Metal Fabrication in Mongolia

Fabrication of Hoppers, Tanks, Bins, Chutes, frames, poles, brackets, cleats etc.

Mechanical fabrication

All types of mechanical fabrication, assembly, fitting of bearings, shafts, drives and gearboxes.

Structural fabrication

Fabrication of light to medium structural steel, platforms, hand rail, stairways, column, beams, posts.

Welding, inspection and NDT

Welding qualifications and procedures can be tailored to individual client requirements as well as complete inspection and test services by NATA approved inspectors, stress relieving & heat treatment can also be offered.

Handling and logistics

From 1-tonne Ute to a semi-trailer load, we can load and deliver your equipment on time any where.

On-site installation and maintenance

With a fleet of fully equipped site vehicles and a team of experience tradesmen, we can offer a comprehensive on-site service, backed up by our workshop us for any needs you may have.