Fire Suppression Systems

JSG Industrial Systems introduces a state of the art innovation in product and system design, in their MusterII Fire Suppression System range. It combines the latest technologies with a simple design, and quick to connect wiring. The in-built accuracy of the MusterII Fire Suppression system is controlled using intelligent pressure sensors, ensuring that the discharge time meets the initial design criteria, effectively suppressing fires in the punishing environments where many machines operate.

The fully monitored MusterII Fire Suppression System is available
in two fire sensing modes. Either MusterWire Linear Heat Detection (LHD) wire sensing or Loss of Pressure (LOP) sensing. The full monitoring available on both these system types, allows the operator to view the overall integrity of the system at any time, knowing that it is at the correct pressure and that all the sensors are active. This ensures the system is ready to actuate anytime a fire is detected.

A number of key innovations in the MusterII system provide intelligent performance and precise monitoring. These include MusterWire, the MusterCap, and the independently powered MusterII Alarm Panel. These innovations combine to deliver one of the lowest risk fire suppression systems on the market.

The new MusterII Fire Suppression System comes with stainless steel components; including the valve, cylinder and fittings, ensuring its performance in extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Whatever the demand; the new JSG Industrial Systems MusterII Fire Suppression System will operate as designed, and to its full potential, suppressing the flames and protecting your assets and personnel.